Testing Facilities


Inward material Testing Process

The Basic Raw Materials required for manufacturing of Enamelled Copper Winding Wires are Continuous Cast Copper Rods, Enamel/Varnish and Thinner. Copper Rods of quality grade with 99.99% purity are procured from reputed suppliers like M/s. Hindustan Copper Ltd., M/s.Sterlite Industries (I) Ltd., M/s. Hindalco Unit Birla Copper etc. The Copper CC Rods procured from these companies are as per IS 12444:88 and/or ASTM B-49-92 standards. Relevant Test Certificates are issued by the Supplier accompanied with each consignment.

On receipt of the Copper Rods essential tests like Visual, Dimensional, Tensile, Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity as per Quality Plan are carried out at our in-house laboratory and based on Suppliers TC, to ascertain the quality of the material.

The Enamel/Varnish and Thinner as per IS Specifications is procured from M/s. Elantas Beck Co.(I) Ltd., accompanied with Test Reports. Quality tests such as Viscosity are carried out at our own lab. M/s. Elantas Beck Co.(I) Ltd., is having Technical Service Department, which provides assistance and supervision on trial results.

Quality Control

The Enamelling plant includes a provision for a modern in-house laboratory equipped with the Latest test equipments confirming to the relevant IS specifications. Intermediate on-line tests of the end product is carried out as per Quality System Manual. The results are properly documented so as to establish operating norms. Care is taken in identifying non-conformity and necessary corrective action is taken immediately to ensure consistency and quality.

Following parameters of testing are carried out at our lab,

  • Cut through test
  • Dimensional test
  • Uni. directional scrap test
  • Spring back
  • Break down voltage test
  • Mandrel test (Flexibility and adherence)
  • Continuity test (Pin Hole)
  • Resistance to abrasion test
  • Peel Test
  • Tan delta (DI-electric tester)
  • Solvent Tester
  • Heat shock test
  • Jerk test
  • Resistivity
  • Elongation test


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