Bare Aluminium Wires and Strips

Bare Aluminum WireSwastik Wire Industries located at Hubli, Karnataka (india) is the leading manufacturer of Bare and Insulated Round and Rectangular Aluminium Conductors for the electrical industry.


Nomax Covered Round and Rectangular Copper / Aluminium ConductorsBIS 11174 – 1984 (Temperature Index 220ºC)UPS Systems Winding of Transformers
Paper Covered Round and Rectangular Copper ConductorsBIS 7404 PartI and II (Temperature Index 90º & 105º)Winding of Transformers
Cotton Covered Round and Rectangular Copper / Aluminum ConductorsBIS 7391 Part I & II (Temperature Index 90º)Winding of dry type transformers
Bare Round and Rectangular Copper / Aluminium ConductorsBIS 6160, BIS 1897Winding coils of Electric Machines
Paper Covered Round and Rectangular Aluminium ConductorsBIS 6161 Part I & II (Temperature Index 90º & 105º)Winding of Transformers
Nomax / Paper / Cotton Insulated Twin / Triple / Bunched round and Rectangular Copper and Aluminium Conductorsmanufactured as per customer specifications.Special type transformers, Electrical Machines.

We have facility to provide insulation thickness up to 5.00mm over Copper / Aluminium conductors.

We apply following basic types of insulation on Copper /Aluminium

  • Electric Grade Insulating Kraft Paper
  • Super Combed cotton Yarn
  • Nomax Type

Quality: We manufacture according to the quality assurance standards of BIS and IES. We are equipped with total set of in house testing facilities to meet the requirement of standered in order to defect free products.

Our Target: To provide Qualitative products at competitive price with prompt delivery.

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