Magnet Wire

Magnet wire is a copper or aluminium wire coated with a layer of insulation. Magnet wire is used in transformers, inductors, motors, electromagnets, and other applications where tight coils of wires are required. Magnet wire plays an importent role in the areas of energy transformation like,

  • Electrical to Eelectrical
  • Electrical to Mechanical
  • Mechanical to Electrical

Magnet wire is used in many products from cell phones, bigger appliances we use in our home. Magnet wire is used to generate electrical fields to change voltage or to generate movement.  Examples of magnet wire applications include: ignition coils in automobile indutry, solenoids in house hold appliances, transformers, invertors, inductors and motors in electronic gadgets, chargers, cell phone battery chargers, voice coils in speakers.

Magnet wire uses one to three layers of polymer film insulation, to provide a tough, continuous insulating.

Swarnagiri Wire Insulations specializes in production of wide range of Magnet Wire and Copper Magnet Wire. The production process is controlled in-line, assuring consistent high quality products.


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